Five Quick Tips for Struggling Job Seekers

If you’re looking to get to work right now, Tom Busby has five tips to give your job hunt a boost.

Busby is the founder and CEO of DTI, the Diversified Trading Institute. He’s bringing his wealth of knowledge to The Traders Expo Dallas, where he will be speaking on the topic of trading exotics (grains, bonds, gold and silver, crude oil). Today, he’s bringing his expertise to StreetID.

His first tip: “Intern at a financial services firm for the experience, not for money.”

Second, Busby recommends that job seekers find a “successful trader/investor and learn the art of trading.”

Third, he said to go to the MoneyShow and Traders Expos and network with all of the current vendors.

His fourth tip is a common one — one that is commonly overlooked, that is. “Read as many trading/investing books as possible,” Busby recommended.

Finally, Busby suggested that you take advantage of his business and become a graduate of DTI.

With regard to things that a job seeker should never do, Busby said, “Do not have tattoos, chew gum, or smoke!”

Instead, Busby recommends that job seekers “associate with positive people and positive thoughts.” In doing so, he believes that job seekers will create positive results.

Wall Street and the 2012 Elections

While there are conflicting opinions surrounding Wall Street’s recovery, Busby thinks that everything is circling around this year’s elections. “[It's] something many people say will be a life-changing event,” he said. “I believe everyone should vote and be involved to make sure we allow leadership to take hold and provide promise for America.”

Regarding the overall job market, Busby believes that there are “limited pockets of strength in the economy.”

“Everyone has been tested, and those that pass [will] come out of the events of 2012 a lot stronger and will lead the next wave of innovations and technology improvements,” he said.

Motivation From an Unlikely Source

There are a wide variety of things that motivate job seekers and entrepreneurs to move on to the next level. Busby’s motivation came when he lost his net worth in 1987, which is what “some people call a correction, but I correctly call a crash.”

“My eyes were open to [the] true motivations of Wall Street, and I realized I had to develop an opposite approach for myself and the retail traders I have come into contact with over the years,” he said.

“I started in the business in early 80s, working for a major wirehouse,” he continued, adding that he became a specialist in futures, options, and stocks. “Then in 1987 my whole world was turned upside down.” Busby details the incident in his book, Winning the Day Trading Game: Lessons and Techniques from a Lifetime of Trading.

“After realizing Wall Street had one way, which did not focus on the customer winning,” Busby added, “I decided to develop my own approach to answering the most important question any trader needs to answer: long, short, or out?”

Motivation Breeds Success

“At DTI we focus on your level, your resources, and your available time,” said Busby. “We have developed an award-winning trading method, which has triumphed in euphoric markets, prolonged bear markets, and terrifying crashes. We have tested this method for years by many traders in all different global markets and times.”

Busby said that DTI Method “teaches you to understand what the markets are telling you and aligns them with momentum and key times.”

“What we offer traders is a powerful trading edge and advantage, which not many have,” he added. “We differ from most educators because we do our trading in real time, so the student is able to interpret, analyze, and execute and see immediate feedback for his training.”

Your Career Awaits

These days, job seekers have a million options. But there is only one place where they should turn: StreetID. We built StreetID (a financial career matchmaking website) from the ground up to accommodate Wall Street’s growing community of financial professionals. In good times and in bad, current job seekers and those looking to move on in the future can turn to StreetID and sign up for a free account and make a direct connection with relevant candidates and employers.

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