Vertical Capital Markets is Hiring in California

Californian financial firm Vertical Capital Markets Group, which specializes in providing a more traditional value strategy to an alternative asset class, is looking to add new talent to its team.

“In the capital markets group we’re actually looking for wholesalers,” Bayard Closser, President of Vertical Capital Markets Group, told StreetID. “We have a couple positions open for individuals that are wholesaling directly to the financial intermediaries, to the broker-dealer community and the registered investment advisors — both externally, as well as internal wholesalers, to… We have a need for strategic account, business development types of roles. Between now and the end of the year we’ll hire a number of wholesalers as well as strategic account people. We have marketing positions and operations roles as well.”

Closser said that his company has already brought on credit underwriters and credit analysts. The firm also has its own loan servicing group.

“Our infrastructure is to the point where we’ve been adding people on the operational side of the business to frankly review everything that’s come into the market,” he said.

Vertical Capital Markets has added six people to its team. The company hopes to add another six to eight individuals by the end of the year.

“We’re still a small company, so everybody gets exposure to all aspects of the business,” said Closser. “So, even when you’re bringing in an intern, for example, from one of the local universities or straight out of college, they’re exposed to everything. They’re talking to credit analysts, to underwriters, to marketing and sales professionals — up to the CIO. It’s a very accessible company. I think it’s a very friendly company. The culture that we’ve established here has been not just one of transparency, which seems to be the buzz word, but actual involvement. People get excited about what we’re doing.”

Working at Vertical also exposes employees to two different industries. “We’re a unique marriage between the mortgage industry…and the securities industry,” said Closser. “We’re working with broker-dealers, we’re packaging investments, and we have a tremendous amount of experience on that side of the business. The exposure that somebody has to a number of different aspects of two different industries is tremendous.”

When hiring, Vertical looks for three key elements:

  1. Work Ethic
  2. Integrity
  3. Professionalism

“Those are stated values that we can’t teach,” said Closser. “We can teach everything else. You can learn everything else. Those three things you have to come with. For the people that have those three attributes, usually their attitudes are very positive, knowing that we can actually get the job done.”

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