These Three Firms Need Fresh Talent

StreetID recently spoke to three financial companies that are hiring or plan to in the near future.

CFS Investment Advisory Services

Totowa, New Jersey-based CFS Investment Advisory Services is planning to add another person to its 401k department.

Later in the year, the firm may also add an internal consultant to service and sell more of the 401k leads that are coming in.

“We’re constantly getting leads,” Gregory Makowski, co-founder and managing member of CFS Investment Advisory Services, told StreetID. “We’re not entirely sure what position [we'll fill]. We’re still trying to identify that. But we need to bring someone in.”

Regarding the job requirements, Makowski said that the firm wants someone with “very high communication skills and understanding how the financial markets work.”

The ideal candidate would be able to “get employees to understand why it’s important for them to participate in a retirement plan and grow investment assets,” he added.

“We need someone to be able to elicit [the] warning [that] the government is not going to take care of you. You have to save for yourself and this is how you have to do it.”

In 2014, Makowski expects the firm to bring in someone on the financial planning side.

“We are a very collegial, open-door [company],” said Makowski. “My partner and I interact with all the employees regularly. We’re constantly all working together. It’s a great place. People don’t generally leave. People, in fact, don’t leave.”


New York City-based HFIN One is looking for people in three key areas.

“We’re looking for sales guys who can go in and build relationships with hedge funds and hedge fund investors and communicate what we really do and be able to consistently follow-up on the process and stay with all the people out there,” Eric Slaim, founder and CEO of HFIN One, told StreetID.

“We also need someone who has a command of the English language and is good on the marketing and PR side.

“[This person needs to be able to do] everything from the language inside our site to, maybe you get a message, what does that message say? Make things really intuitive and really easy to use to all of the e-mail campaigns we send out.”

HFIN One also needs more people on the technology side to continue building the site.

While the firm’s office is in New York, Slaim said that he is “open to anything.” Thus, if the right candidate happens to be in another location, that may not be a problem.

Looking ahead, Slaim said that the firm could one day expand to Florida, California and London — but not anytime soon.

Sabrient Systems

Based in Santa Barbara, California, Sabrient Systems is an independent investment research firm that offers both quantitative and qualitative research.

“Right now, our quantitative business is growing quite rapidly,” Scott Brown, President of Sabrient, told StreetID. “We’re looking to add additional quantitative programmers to the staff because of the demand we’re seeing.

“This is a pretty qualified position, especially when you’re looking in the Santa Barbara, California area — people that are both programmers that have market-savvy and model-building experience… The market for talent gets rapidly down to a small group.”

Brown said that while the firm would like to hire locally, they are willing to look outside of Santa Barbara.

“We have offices in Arizona [and] California,” said Brown. “We have people that work for us that are spread across the United States. It is a virtual world still. While we’d like to have them locally or move locally, it’s not a total requirement.”

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