Partner at SunGard talks about the shift in hiring trends

“That’s most important,” he said.

Second, it’s important that they have the appropriate level of experience and competency to get the job done.

Stuller also looks for someone who is hard-working — a person who “understands what it means to apply significant effort toward building something new.”

“For each functional job, it drills down to the specifics of the job, of course,” he added.

When asked if the hiring mission would continue in 2014, Stuller replied, “Without question.”

Still Growing

From day one, AIQ was designed to be a “sizeable firm,” Stuller said.

“On the Meridian-IQ side, [we] can support a firm with probably 100 to 200 employees,” Stuller affirmed. “On the AdviceIQ side, 1,000-plus.

“The market is large. Every global retail financial advisor is a potential client of AdviceIQ, and that number is six million financial people around the world. Right now we’re just U.S. domestic, but we will go into international markets. In the U.S. it’s two million people. If we only get a 10 percent share, [we'll become] a very sizeable company — a couple thousand employees. We’re going to be growing for quite a while.”

As AIQ expands internationally, the firm plans to open offices in English-speaking countries, such as Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.

“From there we’re gonna let a variety of factors drive which markets to go after,” Stuller concluded.

Get Hired Now

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