Citigroup, Chase, Bank of America And Other Big Banks Are Hiring Thousands of Employees

Startups and boutique investment firms may offer the best jobs for those who are lucky enough to attain them, but the biggest banks may provide work for everyone else.

Citigroup, for example, is looking to fill more than 4,000 positions all over North America (2,388 jobs), Latin America (157 jobs), Asia Pacific (995 jobs), Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (543 jobs collectively for the last three regions).

In North America alone Citigroup is seeking more than 100 analysts, more than 100 compliance and control specialists and nearly 200 individuals in operations. The company is also looking for a number of marketing specialists, investment bankers, investment managers (including a senior hedge fund of fund portfolio manager), and investor relations specialists. New employees are also being added to the firm’s legal counsel.

These are just some of the open positions at Citigroup. The company is also hiring sales associates, auditors, and human resources specialists, to name a few.

Chase has more than 4,000 job openings as well. While many of them may be taken up by part-time gigs at individual bank branches, there are many notable positions at the company.

For example, Chase is hiring nearly 200 people in the areas of accounting, audit and risk — all in the United States. The company is also seeking real estate appraisers, retail mortgage bankers and hundreds of individuals in operations.

Goldman Sachs may not have nearly as many positions listed for experienced professionals, but its high-level opportunities (Vice President of Operations in Bangalore, India — among others) are quite attractive. The same could be said for the openings on State Street’s career site.

Bank of America has more than 2,900 jobs available in the United States that cover a wide range of the areas listed above (accounting, legal counsel, wealth management, financial advisors, etc.).

Capital One has several opportunities as well. The site makes it difficult to quickly add up how many total positions are available, but Capital One is currently looking for accountants, auditors, corporate real estate specialists, an English-to-French translator, and a PR/corporate communications manager. The company is also actively hiring interns, which could prove to be a great way for college students and new graduates to get their foot in the door.

Morgan Stanley’s global career opportunities website is currently unavailable while the company conducts a Firmwide systems upgrade, but it will go back online on November 4.

In the meantime, job seekers might want to peruse the 2,011 job listings on PNC’s website or the 1,922 jobs offered by U.S. Bank.

Those who are looking for a job as a private wealth manager or portfolio manager may want to examine the career opportunities at Citizens Financial Group.

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