SunTrust And Other Mid-Sized Banks Are Also Hiring Tons of New Employees

Last week StreetID reported on the thousands of new jobs that are available across the biggest local and international banks.

From Chase and Citigroup to Capital One and Bank of America, these financial stalwarts are bringing in tons of new employees.

But they are not the only banks that are looking to hire. As it turns out, mid-sized banks like SunTrust are also searching for fresh talent.

SunTrust is a particularly interesting company because it offers a number of high-end positions outside of the typical climate (New York, Chicago, etc.). The company has more than a dozen listings for accounting and finance jobs; more than a dozen HR, legal and training jobs; and more than two dozen jobs in audit, compliance and risk. The vast majority of these positions are for the company’s headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

SunTrust is also looking for underwriters, marketers, and has a wide array of positions relating to private wealth management. The company is hiring business and commercial bankers as well.

Regions Financial Corporation is hiring nearly 800 individuals all over the United States. The company wants analysts (financial analyst, regulatory reporting analysts, debt and capital analyst, etc.), accountants, senior auditors, underwriters, mortgage loan originators and mortgage escalation specialists, to name a few.

Fifth Third Bank is one of the more supportive financial institutions. The company heavily promotes the career development options that are available to prospective employees, and offers tips for how to prepare before the interview. Fifth Third Bank also details its hiring process on its website, which is quite refreshing.

Fifth Third Bank has 250 open positions ranging from analysts and insurance specialists to accountants and investment executives.

BB&T is looking to fill nearly 1,100 roles, including mortgage experts, analysts, loan servicing specialists and compliance experts, among others.

Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs has reportedly told its junior investment bankers to take weekends off. This is part of the company’s effort to reduce the workload that is expected of newer employees.

These new jobs (and Goldman’s workload reductions) may not solve all of the hiring problems that have occurred over the past few years, but this is definitely a step in the right direction.

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