New York Startup Is Beefing Up Its Brokerage, Development And Product Management Teams

New York-based Kapitall is currently searching for new talent.

The company consists of a brokerage, an all-content sister site with market insights and a video game inspired portal that was designed to break the traditional online investing mold. This unique mix has given Kapitall an interesting niche that is getting some serious attention on Wall Street.

“For all of Kapitall, we had a really nice, successful year in 2013,” Barry Mione, CEO of Kapitall Generation (the firm’s wholly owned brokerage), told StreetID. “In January we [saw] a renewed interest in the marketplace overall and the retail marketplace.”

The firm’s continued success has pushed Kapitall to expand, and that means new opportunities for job seekers in New York.

“We’re in the midst of increasing staff about 20 to 25 percent,” said Mione. “The reason why is [that] we’re focusing on three pretty large components that are going to be important to the value proposition of Kapitall for 2014. One is focused on the release of new mobile and tablet products in Q3 of this year. Another is going to be focused on increasing our brokerage product online. Right now we only offer equity and ETFs, and we’ll be offering mutual funds, margin shorting and IRA accounts in the near future.

“The third piece is part of our value proposition. That’s the gaming aspect of Kapitall — not just being able to play interactive games, which of course we have, such as Space Investors. But gaming also to help people educate themselves with what we call ‘Quests.’”

To fulfill those goals, Kapitall plans to increase the number of employees working on the brokerage, product development and game development (Kapitall Studio) side of the firm. Kapitall is also interested in beefing up its marketing team.

“I think in order to understand your target market you have to have the right people with the right skill set that are building to that product set,” said Mione. “We have a great, talented group of millennials here; some that are out of college, some that are very experienced. They’re passionate — not just about the product, but the design and engagement aspect of Kapitall [as well].”

Mione said that the beauty of being a startup is that Kapitall has “so many interconnected points to every single work group that’s here.”

“You have the ability to spend time with marketing and brokerage and the ability to really develop the product yourself,” he added. “When you’re in a startup…you’re a lot more nimble than a larger company may be that has to go through a complicated approval cycle.”

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