Nadex Is Looking For a New General Counsel and Chief Regulatory Officer

Now that Tim McDermott has been appointed the CEO-designate at Nadex, the company needs to find a replacement for his current position as General Counsel and Chief Regulatory Officer.

“We are hiring,” McDermott told StreetID. “We are in the market for a new General Counsel and Chief Regulatory Officer. That process is ongoing. Then we are continuing to do just sort of the normal run-of-the-mill hiring that you do as the company grows. We have added recently folks on our customer service desk, for example, and people dealing with our customers who are applying for memberships in the exchange and processing those applications.

“We do continue to hire in terms of these positions. Right now the General Counsel position is the main focus of that effort.”

Small Business In A Big World

Nadex is unique in that it is a small exchange that is owned by IG Group, a UK-based financial services company.

“We’ve got a large financial services company as our parent company, but we’re a relatively small operation here in the United States,” said McDermott. “I think we do some things that are kind of nice whether it’s having food delivered to the office or company outings at different events.”

Dan Cook, Nadex’s Director of Business Development, shared some of his experiences as well.

“Everyone here is a professional,” Cook told StreetID. “The relationships are great. But it really is that mentality that we’re all on the same team.

“As Tim mentioned, because of our size, we do wear a lot of hats. There’s a lot interaction between every level no matter what position you’re in. You’ll be interacting with every other person really at every level in the company. It gives a lot of opportunity to not just come in and do the same thing every day. It’s very much that sort of mentality. It gives a great synergy and teamwork. I think it really helps people thrive in that environment because we’re all pushing for the same thing.”

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