This New York-Based Financial Startup Is Beefing Up Its Team

Two years ago, Estimize was the new kid on the block.

The firm raised $1.2 million to build its open platform for financial estimates. Now the startup has raised another $1.2 million to take the company to the next level, which includes a couple of new hires.

“We do need some help on the business side of things,” Leigh Drogen, co-founder and CEO of Estimize, told StreetID. “We just have so many opportunities in working with large banks and working with large hedge funds and doing business development deals with some really large financial media and data platforms that we’re just running out of bandwidth. So we need someone there.”

Estimize is searching for someone that has:

  • Deep experience speaking to analysts and portfolio managers
  • Deep experience with investment research or data
  • Sales-oriented experience

“Those are basically the things that we look for,” said Drogen. “We’re probably gonna bring on another developer here.”

Some of the venture capital firms wanted Estimize to hire a whole host of developers and build a plethora of things for the site. But Drogen is taking a more conservative approach. He said that he and his team didn’t feel that it was wise to simply grow the team quickly for growth’s sake.

With regard to the developer position, Drogen is searching for a full-time Ruby developer with statistics experience, “Because so much of what we do on both the front end and back end has a heavy bent on stats,” he said.

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