Think Before You Leave Your Job

Before unhappy employees pack up and leave their current employer, they might want to reconsider the reasons why they are tempted to leave.

Dr. Tim Baker, an executive coach, organizational psychologist and author of The End of the Performance Review: A New Approach to Appraising Employee Performance, told StreetID that it is not wise to rush out the door before examining the situation.

“My first tip would be to sit down with their manager and discuss the [problem] areas,” said Dr. Baker. “My experience tells me that 9 times out of 10 it’s often a professional relationship issue with their manager. There’s a lack of communication or a lack of trust or something along those lines.”

Second, Dr. Baker would ask the frustrated employee to come back and report the results of that manager meeting.

“If that doesn’t work, I would look at that person and say, ‘What are you actually doing or not doing that might be contributing to this poor relationship that you’ve got with your manager?’” he said. “I basically want to hold a mirror up to them, ask them to have a look inside and see what they come up with. [This] is always the most difficult thing because we always want to criticize the other person.”

Third, reconsider the issue itself.

“If it’s not a trust issue, perhaps they’re a square peg in a round hole,” Dr. Baker added. “Perhaps they don’t think [the job is] suited to their skills and talents, in which case again it would be a conversation with their manager around how they could better utilize their strengths and talents.

“If after that it’s still not going to work, then I think my advice would be to start looking for another job.”

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