MarginXL Capital Partners is Hiring

MarginXL Capital Partners is one of the newest financial institutions that opened down south. Like so many other companies in startup mode, MarginXL wants to acquire the best talent available.

“We’re building a private equity firm that is highly cross-functional, so [we want] folks that have strong backgrounds in investing and in doing private equity transactions, but also folks that have had some line experience,” George Stelling, co-founder and Managing Partner of MarginXL Capital Partners, told StreetID.

“Folks that, perhaps, have done management consulting or consulting in their careers. Folks that have had exposure to analytics and statistics and folks that have also worked as executives and perhaps even board members in businesses.”

Stelling said that MarginXL wants to find individuals that have at least two of those skill sets.

“We believe all of those skill sets are important for identifying and improving profitability in the companies that we look at,” he said. “We’re gonna be looking to continue to extend our transaction team in the near term. We recently added a marketing and investor relations person. Over time we will need to add out some additional operational capabilities, as well as folks with more [backgrounds in] statistics.”

MarginXL differs from the norm by asking prospective candidates to submit their CV (curriculum vitae) instead of a traditional resume.

“Part of the website talks a little bit about our international experience,” Stelling explained. “What we’re trying to build here is an international firm. We have extensive networks internationally. We will build out a character for our firm that has a fair number of people from North America, no doubt about it. But we also have the point of view that we want to attract people that are multilingual, that are from different cultures, that can be additive to our process.”

Bob Charles, who co-founded MarginXL with Stelling and is also a managing partner, told StreetID that “some of the best ideas come from outside your domain of comfort.”

“The more diverse our decision-making table is, the more robust our perspectives are, the more we think about possibilities, sort of the what-if scenarios,” said Charles. “…We feel that the more diverse our team experiences are, the better we’ll be at assessing and ultimately acting on investment opportunities.”

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