Startup Wants Sales/Marketing Pros And Developers

Finom (a new matchmaking site for consumers and investment advisors) is getting ready to expand.

In order to do so, the company will need to fill out its team with a bunch of new hires.

“Right now we’ve got just advisors featured in Chicago,” David Gomel, co-founder and co-CEO of Finom, told StreetID. “Over the next few months we will be putting a strong push to get this out of the city and into all the wealth centers in the country. To facilitate that, we’re going to need to build up the team pretty significantly. Sales, tech and marketing are kind of the big parts of the business we’ll want to hire for.”

In terms of timing, Gomel said that Finom will “really start pushing on that” within the next month or two.

“But on the tech side, [we want] both Web developers to work on the site, but also people with serious finance software expertise. On the marketing side, we have a few different channels with which we’re trying to attack the market. Centers of influence, like lawyers, accountants, are big ones for us that we need to get people with subject matter expertise and how to market to those guys to bring them in as well. Sales, again, is a part of that effort to expand to the country. We’ll try to bring in some sales teams to be able to spearhead that.”

“We think Chicago is a great hub for us for a variety of reasons,” Gomel added. He explained that he does not yet know if the firm will have to hire outside of Chicago or if all new employees will end up in the same location.

Company Culture

“I think the key thing, ultimately, is we need to be a passionate group of people who really believe in the goal of helping people achieve their retirement goals,” said Gomel. “…The goal is making sure people are getting the best service for the money that they’re spending in allowing them to achieve their goals. So I think the passion for doing that is also very important.

“But also, we are in an industry that…hasn’t changed a lot. You need to have a culture of enjoying a challenge of disrupting an industry, which hasn’t faced a lot of challenge previously. There’s some sort of risk-tolerance that’s associated with wanting to pursue that, and also a kind of ambition to be able to do that, that we need to be able to foster and grow.”

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