Fintech Startup Is ‘Growing Like Crazy’ And Needs New Hires

Acorns, a new app that allows individuals to invest their spare change automatically, is in need of new talent.

Walter Cruttenden, Acorns’ co-founder and CEO, told StreetID that the company is “growing like crazy.”

“We’re looking for a few people on the engineering side — database, DevOps,” Cruttenden. “We’re looking for people on the customer service side.”

Colton Dillion, Acorns’ Chief Innovation Officer, told StreetID that the company will also be building out additional product teams in the future.

“We have a feature which we think is going to be very big,” Cruttenden added. “It’s called Found Money. We’re very excited about it, and that’s one place where we’re gearing up, hiring people to develop those programs for.”

Roles And Culture

Dillion said that the product teams will involve a variety of roles.

“Generally they will be engineering roles, designer roles, possibly a few business development or sales roles for specific product teams, but they will be more tech-focused in that sense,” he said.

“On the culture side, we’re pretty free-form,” Cruttenden added. “We have juice days where we have fresh-squeezed juices in the office. We have lunch-time meditation. None of these were really conceived by management. It was just somebody saying, ‘Let’s do this,’ and people wanting to do it. It’s a very flat organization.”

Investment Advisor Needed

Lastly, Cruttenden said that Acorns is looking for an additional person to work on the investment advisor side of the business.

“This is for the future, but we’re looking at some different portfolios down the road,” he added.

“In the future we do hope to have state-by-state registration,” said Dillion. “Right now we’re registered as an Internet advisor. Certainly adding more advisors to our team to help assist with customer concerns is something that we will want to do in the future.”

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