This Financial Startup Doubles Its Employees Every 9 Months

If you want to work for a startup that’s eager to grow, you might want to investigate Orchard Platform. This financial technology company wants to build the systems and infrastructure that are needed to bring the direct lending space to scale and transform into a major financial market.

In order to accomplish this goal, the company needs to grow. And to do that, Orchard Platform needs more employees.

“As a financial technology company, we have lots of [open] positions on the engineering side — both backend and front-end engineering, as well as UX user interface,” Matt Burton, co-founder and CEO of Orchard Platform, told StreetID.

“We’re also ramping up hiring on the marketing side and sales side with the target of the sales team to educate and help bring in institutional investor clients who are looking to put money to work in this new space. We’re also hiring on the operations side to service our current clients and help them grow their business in this space.”

Burton compared Orchard Platform’s culture to that of other New York startups, which shouldn’t surprise anyone considering that the company is based in New York. He said that new employees can expect to see open office spaces, high ceilings and big windows.

“We try to promote communication across all the team members,” Burton added. “Everybody is responsible for their function, and there’s not a lot of micromanaging. It’s a very open and trusting kind of culture. It’s also very fast-paced given that we’re doubling in size — in terms of the number of employees — every nine months.”

Burton said that the industry is booming and that he continues to see employment needs rise for other firms within the sector.

“It’s very difficult for all the companies to fill the open roles that they have,” he added.

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