Financial Sector That Doubles Every Year

Job seekers can’t have a great career without growth, and they are more likely to grow if the industry they choose is growing is well.

The digital asset management space (also known as online asset management) has been growing steadily. As far as the financial sector is concerned, it may be one of the industry’s strongest categories.

“If you look at the collective companies in our space (there’s about 25 companies now in the digital asset management space), the growth of the category has been well over 100 percent per year,” Asheesh Advani, CEO of Covestor, told StreetID.

“So you’ve got an industry category that’s doubling per year. It’s a very new category — none of the companies in the category have been around longer than a decade — so they’re all relatively new companies. Large asset management companies are now taking notice of the growth.”

Solid Growth

Covestor has been growing at a pretty good pace. Advani said that the company has an average of at least two job postings per month.

“Part of it is obviously replacing people, and part of it is new hires,” he said. “We went from 20 to 30 people in the last year. I believe that we’ll continue to grow at least at that pace. Our assets and trade volume are growing at 25 percent per quarter.”

Advani added that he thinks it’s very logical for the company to estimate further growth, rising from 30 to 40 employees in the near future.

“We have offices in Boston and London,” he added. “Our technology folks are in London, and our marketing, sales and corporate folks are in Boston.”

“Dynamic” Culture

“Our culture is very dynamic because we have established companies coming to visit us — even though we’re a 30-person startup — to learn what asset management is all about,” said Advani.

Get Hired Now

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