New Financial Firm Seeks Talent For New York Move

Harvest, a financial discovery and communication platform, started in Chicago. Now the company is getting ready to move to New York, the capital of the financial sector.

“We had a careers page opening previously, but frankly we were getting inundated with applications,” Peter Hans, co-founder and president of Harvest, told StreetID. “It took up so much of our time that we couldn’t focus on the core business. The people we were hiring were just in network. I hired a former trader at Citadel and a former trader at a couple of hedge funds. We hired someone from LPL who used to be a manager of due diligence.”

Harvest now needs talent in New York.

“What we’re looking for now, frankly — we’re transitioning our headquarters from Chicago to New York,” said Hans. “We are continuing to look for people on the software development side, specifically front-end, full stack developers. We’re also looking for people on the data analytics side.”

Why Move?

Chicago is another financial hub, so why is Harvest ready to leave the city behind?

“With what we’re doing and who our clients are, it makes sense,” Hans explained. “[New York is] the center of the financial universe.”

Of course, that might make some wonder why the company started in Chicago in the first place.

“The Chicago side of things was more circumstance than anything else,” said Hans. “At the time when Harvest was founded I was living in Washington, D.C. My co-founder, [Mike Perrone], lived and worked in Chicago. That’s kind of where we had a de facto headquarters. But as we hire and find the right people, we’re doing so in New York.”

‘Experience And Desire’

Hans said that Harvest hires “a lot of top-quality people who have a lot of experience and a desire to really capitalize on a lot of these trends and build something big.”

“Everyone right now is pretty experienced,” he added. “Everyone, on average, has seven to 10 years experience. Most of us are in our mid- to late-30s. We work really hard at what we do. We’re very cost-conscious. We’re very focused on building a great business.”

Case in point: Hans said that Harvest employees are not like the ones you see in magazines (where individuals are sitting in beanbag chairs or playing ping-pong).

“Harvest is a real firm — with real, dedicated employees,” Hans concluded.

Get Hired Now

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