Fintech Startup Is On A Hiring Spree

Stock analysis site Vuru is getting ready for a big move from Canada to California.

The growing startup also wants to beef up its team, and that’s where job seekers could really benefit.

“We are hiring,” Niles Lawrence, President of Vuru, told StreetID. He said the firm is looking for people who are “very passionate about finance” but also have the necessary technical experience.

“Even designers that are very focused on design but have an interest in finance and how they can apply [their skills] to the world of finance,” he added.

Lawrence said that Vuru is focused on simplicity, engagement and a “very great” user interface. He said it’s important for his team to be able to leverage that.

“We’re also looking for marketers,” Lawrence added. “In a sense, growth hackers. People who know a lot about the financial industry [who can] write relevant content to help there and also share that with a lot of our existing users and help grow that community.”

An ‘Intimate’ Group

Lawrence referred to the current Vuru team as a group that is very “intimate” and loves to hang out.

“Everyday we try to work hard to create a value add to people,” he said. “Everything you do, you want to be adding value to somebody. In our case it’s users. We’re a very user-focused company, but we also like to have a lot of fun with each other and hang out and chat and really work on a team together on achieving some great goals.”

Headed To The Valley

“We’re based in Toronto right now, but we will be moving down to the Valley relatively soon just to further our growth,” Lawrence continued. “A lot of great stuff is happening down there. The network’s really big. They’re starting a lot more in the fintech space, so we’d like to be involved with that as much as we can.”

When asked why Vuru is moving to California over a traditional financial hub, Lawrence said that the weather was a bonus.

“Other than the weather, the investors we’re speaking with are based out of the Valley,” he said. “A lot of their networks are out of the Valley. It’s a good fit for us at this time. Also, getting away from the cold is a nice bonus. Being in shorts all year round is a pretty good time.”

Get Hired Now

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