Yet Another Finance Firm Is ‘Hiring Like Crazy’

Robinhood, a zero commission stock trading platform, wants job seekers to know one thing: the company is hiring.

“We’re hiring like crazy right now,” Vladimir Tenev, co-founder of Robinhood, told StreetID.

Tenev described Robinhood as a firm that’s “very different” from your typical financial enterprise.

“The goal is really (over the next couple of months) to grow the team and scale the platform out in terms of users on iOS on the existing platform,” said Tenev. “And obviously we’ve gotten a ton of interest from people that have Android [and] interest from people who want to trade on the Web. We want to make the experience on Android and the Web as high-quality as they could be.”

No B-Team Allowed

Tenev said that he and his team have been “very deliberate about only hiring a team of top A-players.”

“The culture is people [who] work really hard and people are very excited about what we’re doing,” Tenev explained. “Everyone sort of hangs out in the office even when they’re not working, just talking to people. We’re in downtown Palo Alto.”

Robinhood has tried to build a cohesive team by putting every employee under one roof.

“When you have a brokerage, there’s a lot of different business lines,” said Tenev. “[For example], there’s people doing compliance and others who do customer support. All of these people are in one space working together, whereas in a typical financial company, they have separate buildings or separate rooms. We put everything together.”

Tenev said that he is happy with the company’s current standing (more than 500,000 traders have signed up to use the platform), but he is “by no means satisfied.” That, of course, will help boost the company’s urge to hire.

“The larger opportunity in the U.S. is much bigger,” Tenev added.

Get Hired Now

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